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Silicone compounds are typically silicone fluids thickened with inorganic fillers.  Most often these fillers are silica.  Silicone compounds can be used as a dielectric, release material, lubricating medium or as a protective coating.

Features and Benefits of Silicones


Water repellent and hydrolytically stable Non-corrosive, chemically insert, odorless and colorless Excellent dielectric properties Excellent coating


Protects operating efficiency of electrical components Compatibility with a wide variety of materials Low dissipation factor in electrical environments Adheres when fluids would drip or spin off

Typical Applications

Electric Utilities

Seal and protect electrical connectors, corrosion protection in meters and metering equipment, seal underground distribution services, splicing and cable accessory products, high voltage insulator coating


Seal coaxial connectors and connections, underground services and enclosures, splice coating, protect battery terminals


Seal vacuum interfaces, ignition systems, protect battery terminals


Moisture seal electric connectors and lighting sockets in commercial refrigeration units


Moisture proof connections and fittings, lighting equipment and seal hoses and fittings

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