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Pan-L-Bond® Replacement, Sovent Free Adhesive

Silchem SM5310 is a multi-purpose, one-part, high strength adhesive/sealant that is VOC complaint in all 50 states.  This unique sealant is free from solvents, isocyanates, and other hazardous raw materials.  It cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a highly durable flexible bond.  It has been formulated to offer outstanding primerless adhesion to most common materials including vinyl, aluminum, steel, concrete, wood, and glass.  It can be applied and tooled under most weather conditions.
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Siltech 100HV RTV High Voltage Insulator Coating

Siltech 100HV is an one-part RTV high voltage insulator coating designed to resist tracking and flashover on high voltage insulators, equipment bushings and bus insulators.  The coating cures to a silicone rubber like surface and is fully guaranteed for 5 years with an expected life of 10 years.
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SM1208WA General Purpose Silicone Grease...Equal to G501

SM1208WA is a lubricating grease designed for adaptability in a wide range of applications where contacting surfaces are under medium to light loads, and where wide temperature ranges are expected.  SM1208WA is useful as corrosion inhibitor, plastic gear lubricant, metal bearing lubricant, water repellent, and mold release.  SM1208WA features minimal separation at temperatures up to 500F, low volatility, and is non corrosive to plastics.  It is designed to MIL-L-15719.  Competitive offset is G501.
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SM1201A Extreme Low Temperature Compound...Equal to G635

SM1201A is a lubricating grease designed for demanding applications where maximum surface contact is required under load and where extremely low temperatures are expected.  SM1201A features an application operating range of -150F to 475F, low volatility, non-corrosive, plus excellent dispersion and stability.  SM1201A  is useful as a lubricant in extreme high pressure applications including aircraft and marine, mine fuse parts, low temperature parts and high pressure/low speed parts.
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